About BPDI

BPDI are an independent recommentation office for paint and decoration. We are specialized in recommending at devising and application of paintings and decoration. We do quality control concerning paint and decoration products.
We can assist at project and give assistantce at complaints. We also give specific and practical trainings of manufactures in painting and decoration.
The BPDI have arisen because much companies do not commit all required knowledge in house. Testing material equipment for practical application paints, coatings and decoration.
To register or information: info@bpdi.be


We offer:
- Support for application
- Consultation
- research and testing paints
- Training and workshops
- Technical services
- Expertise and advice
- Created decorative paints
- Support industrial coatings
- Coating advice
- Complaints handling paint
- Testing appliction equipment
For information: info@bpdi.be